My Saints Alive is an inspirational book about the potential to expand our perceptions, our emotions and our understanding of realms outside of normal reality. I began reading yesterday and then after the beginning of a sleepless night I kept on reading until I finished it at dawn. As I closed the book the sun was rising. Of course this could not have been by chance. The end was filled with the beginning of the next day.”

Karen V.

Ifyou are fortunate there is someone in your life who is so precious that you cannot imagine life without him or her. To lose that love would be devastating. I have lost that special someone—twice. Breast cancer ended the life of my wife, first Susan and then Barbara, well "before her time."

My journey, our journey, has included love, loss, and life. At some point in the grief healing process the blessings of my loves have exceeded the loss of their daily physical presence. In fact, I have developed with both Susan and Barbara living, and lively, spiritual union. They are each very much alive in my life—a very real daily presence. I call them MY SAINTS.

This book is not a memoir, an autobiographical sketch, nor a "how-to-manual." Rather it is a compilation of reflections on my, our, journey. To say the grief has ended would not be accurate. To say that I do not miss Susan and Barbara's physical presence intensely would be untruthful. To say that I have been enormously blessed by having been a part of their lives and them of mine is a drastic understatement.

As painful as each loss has been, my life has been enriched beyond measure by our relationship. It is completely accurate to pronounce that each of them in her special way has transformed my life.

My wish is that our extremely personal journey might shed light on your path. I am not one to expose my vulnerability. Sharing this journey with you has required my working through the extreme anxiety which accompanies such revelation. But here it is—love, loss, and life!

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